Quality that lasts.

At Mainlinephoto we take our product range seriously. No cheap stuff, no dodgy new gadget that will break the first time you really get out there and use it! Just tried and tested quality goods that will not let you down in the harsh condition’s of the Australian outdoors or where ever your travels may take you.

We only stock and recommend products we personally believe in.

You will find all kinds of wonderful goodies to spend your photo allowance on.

Our 2013 range.

  • Sirui Tripods and Ballheads

Superb quality and engineering make these tripods and heads a must have.

  • Gepe German made Memory card safes

Bullet proof vests for your cards!

  • The best flash brackets , gimbals and heads available

Custom Brackets USA range now available.

  • Your lenses deserve the best optical filters don’t they?

bw_logoGerman made Schott glass and Brass filters for all lens sizes.

  • Camera bags, Straps, cases and more


Works of art for your camera from Artisan & Artist

  • M mount lenses, Modern Rangefinders and SLR Lenses


Cameras and lenses from Voigtlander

  • Toma Half cases

Toma case

Economical quality protection for your camera.

  • Ball Heads, Adapters, and other totally cool stuff!

pano-platePrecision accessories from Novoflex Germany

  • Linhof of Germany


Large format cameras and accessories.

  • Bling for your Leica M8 and M9

Tim Issac product range, soft releases, Thumbs up etc…

Expert Shield screen protectors.

World’s best screen protectors.

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