Friday Photo

A blast from the past I have done some quick scans of a few of my old Kodachrome slides taken with an M2 and 35mm Summicron in the Andes in Peru a long, long time ago.

Peru mountain 1

Look at how the well belayer is focused on the job!

New addition to the family, Crumpy the dog.

As many of our customers already know here at Mainlinephoto we are passionate animal lovers supporting several animal welfare groups. We have been long time members of the NSW Ferret welfare society and currently have 2 adopted ferrets. Now we have a new addition to our family Crumpy who we have fostered from Doggie Rescue. My wife who works as a kennel manager at Doggie Rescue formed a special bond with Crumpy who came to them extremely traumatised so much that no kennel hand could go near him he would bite anyone who tried to handle him. We had to take him and give him a loving home as he was suffering in the shelter. He still has a long way to go but he at least gets on well with our ferrets and enjoys playing hide and seek with them.


Crumpy stealing the ferrets toys…

The tiny but awesome Nissin i40 flash is now available from Mainlinephoto

This little award winning flash caught our eye as so many of our customers are shooting with Olympus or Panasonic MFT or Sony A7 series cameras that we just had to start selling it.


This little unit punches well above it’s size and it does everything you could ever want from a flash see the reviews at the links below.

David Partington

CT Digital Photo magazine

Available for purchase here.

Coming soon to Mainlinephoto HELIOPAN FILTERS from Germany…

Mainlinephoto is proud to announce that it is now the Official distributor for Heliopan filters. We are very excited to be able to finally bring this high quality range to the Australian market at a very competitive retail price said Rene Vogelzang Mainlinephoto Product Manager at the press launch on Friday.


Heliopan Germany has been producing filters since 1949 and makes the worlds best clear and high transmission polarisers available. More info can be found in the pdf here.

Heliopan image

Even better filters than before.

Our first shipment is due to arrive around the end of April so check our website for a super introductory offer on the Heliopan range then.

New SIRUI Travel tripod the T-024X this is going to be a winner!

We have just received our first stock of this fantastic new model from SIRUI drawing on design elements from the T-025X and the T-1204X it truly bridges the gap between these models. Perfect for a heavier camera lens combo than the T-025X.

Sirui T-024X Tripod

With a fully extended height of 1400mm and a weight of only 700grams.

Available for order at the special introductory price of $299 on our website now.

Kowa wide angle MFT lenses available from Mainlinephoto

We are proud to have added to our growing range of Micro Four Thirds lenses. The Japanese made Kowa range which includes the 8.5mm and the 12mm. Lots of fun to be had with these little beauties!



Also available in Green to special order, I think all lenses should be green….


The 8.5mm 2.8 looks to be a red hot seller especially neat is the close focus of 20cm. This means that it will be a very cool wide angle for video on the GH series cameras and the Blackmagic Pocket Cine Camera. Available to order here.