Kowa wide angle MFT lenses available from Mainlinephoto

We are proud to have added to our growing range of Micro Four Thirds lenses. The Japanese made Kowa range which includes the 8.5mm and the 12mm. Lots of fun to be had with these little beauties!



Also available in Green to special order, I think all lenses should be green….


The 8.5mm 2.8 looks to be a red hot seller especially neat is the close focus of 20cm. This means that it will be a very cool wide angle for video on the GH series cameras and the Blackmagic Pocket Cine Camera. Available to order here.

Digital Black and White Photography Workshop by Len Metcalf


Want to shoot jaw-dropping black and whites?  Spend a week with Len Metcalf, one of Australia’s master fine art photographers, and learn the trade secrets from someone who knows.  In November 2015 spend a week in the Snowy Mountains.  For those that want even more an extension of the tour is planned for the following week. Need a holiday? Take a photo break with this tour. More information here

Handy app for getting your tripod and head level, Pro Compass iphone app

This is a great little app that really works as promised not only does it look cool but it does the job of getting everything level quickly, especially in low light no torch needed. Those in camera levels can be very inaccurate so spend the dollar and get it today. Oh and works as a compass too!

Pro Compass

More info on this great tool can be found here at Hunter Instruments. Only available for the iphone.

Hong Kong Fortune Tellers

This photo is one reason I love my Olympus OMD EM-1 it works great in low light which has opened up a whole new world of photography when I travel going out at that magic time just after dusk and even later so many new photo opportunities.



The fortune teller market Hong Kong a fun place to photograph and have your fortunes told.

Voigtlander 15mm 4.5 Version III now available for Pre-Order

Finally the factory has confirmed price and delivery date for this highly sought after lens. Enquiries for it have exceeded any other product announcement from Voigtlander.

Price $995.00 inc gst Delivery Late March 2015

If you want one from our first shipment be quick as we expect it to be a sell out, due to the high demand all orders require prepayment via our website and are fully refundable if you cancel. Order online here


Looks like this is going to be a winner.

A sudden spike in Rolleiflex sales and service…. the Vivian Maier effect

Over the last few months we have had an unusually high number of requests for Rolleiflexes and a corresponding increase in the volume of them coming in for service. Then a customer gave us a copy of Vivian Maier’s latest book, it was then the penny dropped so to speak.


Without going into the whole story which you can read about here at Editor John Maloof’s site.  This is a series of books worthy of any photographers coffee table. There are 3 books in the series all are available on amazon.


Mainline Staff member David Jenkins photographs Puppies for Doggie Rescue

Mainlinephoto is a proud supporter of Doggie Rescue. Last week we were contacted to see if we could arrange to have some extra special puppies photographed. The brief was they needed to be super cute.

We think David who volunteered his time did a wonderful job, here are just a few for your enjoyment.


Pleasseee takkkke me home with you


I’am trained in the art of ZEN.


aw shucks just too cute…..

Please visit the Doggie Rescue website here…. Volunteers welcome, dog walkers always needed. Your new Photo Buddy will love you for the time you give especially if you decide to take him home.