The award winning UNIQBALL is coming to Mainlinephoto. We are taking Pre orders now.

As always here at Mainlinephoto we are on the search for a better mousetrap and my goodness this time we have found one. The Uniqball from Hungary is well to coin a phrase, a game changer. First being highly sceptical we ordered some samples to test, yes they looked cool and seemed to do what it said. Then we got them out in the field photographing and whalespotting just to name a few trials we put them through. We came back amazed that it not only worked so well but that no one had thought of it before!


The UBH 35X in action

UniqBall is a revolutionary new type of ball head, combining all the attributes of a traditional ball head, a gimbal head, a pan & tilt head and a fluid head. It has all of the great advantages of these established heads but without any of the drawbacks.

And here’s the best bit, it has an integrated spirit leveler so you can always shoot with a perfectly straight horizon. Now that is something truly unique.

Check the videos below:

We are taking Pre Orders for our first shipment of UBH 35X here

This ipad game seems to be custom made for me puzzles include a Leica M3 and Ferrets… Wow.

I love playing the games along similar lines to this one The Vengeance part of the  Grim tales series by Big Fish games. Check them out if you are an old skool adventure gamer, or anyone that likes puzzles these have great graphics and storylines plus the bonus you can play the first chapter free and then if you like it buy it.

This game came with a few suprises one puzzle with ferrets and then another with a Leica M3 camera that you have to find the parts for… got me thinking do they have a profile on me or what?


I didn’t know ferrets could look so evil… but I knew what trick to do to get past them…


Ha ha a Leica M3 IN A GAME cool… find some film and you are ready to shoot..

Some of my other favourite Big Fish games are:

Lockwood , Spirits , The Fall , Found , Devils Triangle , Haunted Past , Drawn 1 & 2 , Beyond and Ship of Bones check them out here at big fish they cover all platforms PC , Mac, ipad and Android. Have fun!

New Artisan & Artist camera strap. The ACAM 111 a new thinner strap for smaller cameras.

Stock of these cute straps have just arrived and they fill a perfect niche in the strap market. Works perfectly as a comfortable wrap around the wrist strap but with the security of attaching to both sides of the camera.


This ultra slim strap is only 15mm wide, yet it allows you to carry your camera with comfort and style. Created for compact and mirrorless cameras, its minimalistic design makes it a no nonsense addition for for those who appreciate simple things that just work.


One unique feature of this strap is that it has no protection lug; in fact it doesn’t need any because the steel rings are placed deep in the leather part of the strap, with the leather covering most of the steel ring, making scratches almost impossible.
Available in classic black and red colors 15mm x 910mm and a featherweight 17 grams. Buy one here.

Friday Photo

A blast from the past I have done some quick scans of a few of my old Kodachrome slides taken with an M2 and 35mm Summicron in the Andes in Peru a long, long time ago.

Peru mountain 1

Look at how the well belayer is focused on the job!

New addition to the family, Crumpy the dog.

As many of our customers already know here at Mainlinephoto we are passionate animal lovers supporting several animal welfare groups. We have been long time members of the NSW Ferret welfare society and currently have 2 adopted ferrets. Now we have a new addition to our family Crumpy who we have fostered from Doggie Rescue. My wife who works as a kennel manager at Doggie Rescue formed a special bond with Crumpy who came to them extremely traumatised so much that no kennel hand could go near him he would bite anyone who tried to handle him. We had to take him and give him a loving home as he was suffering in the shelter. He still has a long way to go but he at least gets on well with our ferrets and enjoys playing hide and seek with them.


Crumpy stealing the ferrets toys…

The tiny but awesome Nissin i40 flash is now available from Mainlinephoto

This little award winning flash caught our eye as so many of our customers are shooting with Olympus or Panasonic MFT or Sony A7 series cameras that we just had to start selling it.


This little unit punches well above it’s size and it does everything you could ever want from a flash see the reviews at the links below.

David Partington

CT Digital Photo magazine

Available for purchase here.