New Bessa R4 cameras I cannot wait to get one!

Puca pucara ruins just near Cusco, 2004. Bessa r2 with 21mm

Voigtlander has done something fantastic in releasing such a rangefinder camera. I mean its just what I need as I normally only ever travel with a 35mm and 21mm as my standard do everything trek and travel kit. The new Bessa R4 wide angle rangefinder with 21mm to 50mm frame lines is going to be available in april 2007 in both a mechanical and auto versions. It just makes so much sense why didn’t a certain German company do it earlier? Rangefinder cameras and lenses are great, for over 25 years I have been using 35mm Leica M rangefinders and 2 years ago made the switch to Voigtlanders and I havent looked back. Lighter to carry cheaper to replace and great performers, the Leica stays at home now. Travel and Outdoor photography have been a part of my life for so long now that sometimes its nice to go out and about … dare I say it without a camera! It seems to bring back a forgotten freedom. I think it must be the same for those who are returning to film cameras from digital. The less is best or simplier is better concept. I get it and so do so many other kindred spirits while others will be photoshopping we will be warming our toes by the side of a campfire!
For your info, The shot above is using the 21mm f4 color skopar lens with an 81b filter on a roll of fuji 100 print film ( purchased at a corner store in Cusco, plenty of film still available there).

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