Gamers film camera scare fest…….Project Zero

Photography in a video game and a good one!

Well.. I have always been a fan of the adventure game genre and this is one game that manages to scare the hell out of me…. it’s kind of like lying awake in bed and hearing the sound of that empty packet of crisps slowly unfurling in the bin!!!!!!! Yikkes whats that ahhhh……… This is a 10/10 game if you like taking photos and playing video games and getting scared.

You play the lovely Miyu searching for her lost brother in a cursed mansion with its inadequte lighting and grainy black and white images. This game certainly delivers when it comes to the fear factor.

Miyu uses what I am sure looks like a prototype Ebony large format camera:)

It is available in both xbox and ps2 formats and trust me on this one… turn the lights down and pop a set of headphones, and you will not look through the viewfinder of your camera the same way again.

Just keep in mind that what looks in focus might not be……………

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