Next adventure coming up….. Across the Central Highlands of Peru.

Not long now and I will be back in the Mountains of Peru.  We will be travelling the length of the Andes the rough way (via local buses and trucks) from village to village we will be starting in Huancayo and ending up in Arequipa.

I love to travel this way as it really opens up the opportunites for some great photography. For trips like this where we are travelling light my kit is going to be a Bessa R2M with a 35mm 1.7 Ultron and 21mm f4 Color Skopar. As we are in the mountains and I usually shoot Velvia ( or sometimes Ektachrome professional) I carry only two but very important filters an 81b/81c and a polariser. I leave the 21mm finder on the camera and usually just carry the spare lens in my pocket. Optional is a really light tripod. But in places like this less is best.

I always travel with two small compact point and shoot cameras ( currently an olympus 35mm 2.8 mju and a contax 28-50mm TVS) this is to make sure no matter where we go we always have at least one camera with us and if its stolen we have a spare. Carrying a compact camera everywhere means you can get really cool spontaneous shots ( like the one below) that you would never get. Even in the more dangerous parts of town. My Bessa is loaded with slide film and one compact with colour print and the other with either or. It is a fantastic way to go for those who use film still for travel as I will have my Rangefinder with silde film and a compact with print film in the same tiny shoulder bag or in my daypack so I can take the same shot on both mediums or decide if I just want a quick snapshot on print film.

I have travelled in South America for many years now and have come up with this simple kit which allows me to travel without stressing about losing gear or being without a camera. Oh don’t worry print film is available everywhere, sometimes its a little pricey but I have never had any problems with using it. Next I will post how I travel with all this film safely and how to avoid xray machines with a minimum of drama.

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