New Retro rangefinder from Fotoman…. very cool

These guys seem unstoppable! Check this cool new accessory out it’s a Rangefinder unit based on the old Voigtlander one. Every 612 and 617 camera owner is going need one of these ( great for golf too). According to data just in it is extremely accurate ( I don’t know the rangefinder base yet) and user adjustable. Now thats smart thinking fellas.

The new Fotoman Auxiliary Rangefinder the ARF!

Above is a front view of the beastie and heres the back: Look at the quaility all cnc machined from one solid block of alloy and Hard anodised in satin black… sweet.

Latest generation coated optics and a premium chrome finish on the dial, looks nice!

Available in both Metric and Imperial this should have wide appeal not just to Panoramic and large format photographers but to many owners and users of old classic film cameras. Should look great on my little Agfa Isolette. The accessory shoe can be removed and placed in a vertical orientation. Due Jan 2007 and its Australian price is going to be $235.00. Demand is expected to be high so all you 617 Fotoman and Linhof owners get your orders in….. just think no more guess work.

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