Seeing landscape… Seems Hendro has the third eye for a good shot!

Hendro Soetrisno is a landscape photographer who has a great ability to see past the subject matter in his images and find that something special or mystical that others would miss. His photos have won him several awards as he also refuses to compromise on quailty in all stages of his work. Hendro is one of the many photographers returning to film after a hiatus with digital. He uses 6×6 Hasselblads and a Linhof 617s III. But it doesn’t end there… his website which he designed & produced himself has won a best website honours from Outdoor Photography magazine. Good work Hendro we are happy to have you as a customer and friend.

Mountain lake reflections Yosemite Valley 2005 Hendro Soetrisno.

So if you would like some inspriation or are looking for some new wall decor then take a look at

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