Meet the family

I thought you might like to meet our family of three furkids. We have two female ferrets Fuzzy and Winnie and one male called Theodore. Fuzzy was our first ferret and apart from driving us crazy with her mischief and ferret thieving ways, somewhere along the line she stole our hearts as well. We also now know why ferret lovers say they are like CC’s you can’t stop at one!

Fuzzy and Winnie best friends……

Winnie and Theodore are both rescued ferrets. Fuzz and Winnie are best friends but Theodore refuses to get on with the girls, so we end up running shifts between them. They are not cage animals and ours are let run free in the house so they are free to come and go from the cage as they wish. Ferrets are a big challenge as pets but if you are prepared to put in the effort they give it back a millions times over in their colourful personality and crazy antics…… they are better to watch than TV.

Fuzzy deciding if it’s worth the lost fur to wake up Theodore

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