The moustache club 100 years ago. The photos of Darius Kinsey

Loggers bunkhouse Washington 1906

What a great photo! What a great photographer ( actually a husband and wife team). Darius recorded folks at work in the outdoors across Washington state in the early 1900’s. His images were shot mostly on an 11 x 14 camera. Considering the locations the equipment and the film technology of the time his photos are extraordinary accomplishments.
My friend Gordy of weblog fame
has just been given a couple of Darius’s books…..lucky Gordy!
Visit the Darius Kinsey gallery at the Uni of WA

Ghost photography…. and we thought image manipulation was new! But now are you a believer?

Early photographers discovered very quickly that due to the lengthy exposure times, people who moved in and out of the image during it’s taking were quite often recorded as spirits! Many a canny photographer set themselves up as psychic image recorders and did very well for themselves, even after been exposed as frauds! Just where are Penn & Teller when you need them!
The photography museum of America has created an online gallery of these images inculding a historical narrative and quite often the background behind each shot. Enter if you dare… they are pretty well…. ghostly

400mm lens for Fotoman 617 a first whoo hoo!

A 400mm lens on 617 it certainly is the “big kahuna” This is the longest focal length lens I have seen on 617 camera. What can we say but it looks pretty damm cool. This is really what makes the Fotoman system so popular is the ability to be able to fit so many different lenses to it.

No! its my turn now

The camera here is fitted with the Fuji 400mm f8 tele lens, now there is no need to hike into the mountains you can just just park the car on the roadside and shoot away.

Surely better than a Hummer.

Seeing landscape… Seems Hendro has the third eye for a good shot!

Hendro Soetrisno is a landscape photographer who has a great ability to see past the subject matter in his images and find that something special or mystical that others would miss. His photos have won him several awards as he also refuses to compromise on quailty in all stages of his work. Hendro is one of the many photographers returning to film after a hiatus with digital. He uses 6×6 Hasselblads and a Linhof 617s III. But it doesn’t end there… his website which he designed & produced himself has won a best website honours from Outdoor Photography magazine. Good work Hendro we are happy to have you as a customer and friend.

Mountain lake reflections Yosemite Valley 2005 Hendro Soetrisno.

So if you would like some inspriation or are looking for some new wall decor then take a look at