Old family photos found… Why black and white still rocks!

I fear that in the future folks just will not appreciate photographs the way we do now. Our family has been going through the process of locating and archiving of the family photos and history. John is going to start a weblog devoted to our families history how cool… old meets new. It will mean that there will be an easily accessible record of everything we know about our past! My friend Gordy has been doing this for a while have a look at Uncle Gordy’s family history.
I think it is something that every family should think about doing. You are able to bring all the threads together in one place online forever. Check this photo out of my Grandfather age 6 at school in Holland, it is an image that you can pour over for hours it has something special about it that I can’t quite put my finger on…. maybe it’s because it was taken by a photographer who was passionate about what he did or is it just that it looks old… anyway whatever it is film and Black and White still rocks!

Grandpa J.W Vanthoff’s school days in Holland

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