Vintage photographs. Someone has to preserve them for us.

Luminous Lint is a website run by Alan Griffiths who is aiming to build one of the biggest sources for Photographic images on the net. The website is vast and you can find yourself lost in it’s pages of images very easily. The vintage images are priceless. I am glad to see that someone out there is putting all these old prints on a site for all of us to access. I plan to do my part too early next year I will be scanning my favourite photos out of my extensive collection of exploration books and putting them up on a site for all to enjoy.

A panorama of Pisa 1870 Giacomo Brogi

Here is a photo of my favourite exploration photographers Herbet Ponting. The image below is of Herbet from his book The Great White South in which he narrates his voyage to the Antarctic as expedition photographer with Scott on the Terra Nova. A great read from a photographers perspective. Highly recommended if you can track down a copy.

Herbet Ponting Antarctica 1912

Ponting even set himself up a fully stocked Darkroom inside Scott’s Hut which considering the space restrictions it is a pretty impressive feat. His darkroom was 8 feet by 6 feet, it also doubled as his living quarters.

The darkroom. Scott’s Hut

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