Real cold weather photography. Snowflakes shot on location.

I came across Ken Libbrecht’s website a few days ago and emailed him to get permission to display some of his fantastic snowflake photos here. Ken’s website pretty well covers everything you would ever need or want to know about snow crystals and flakes. It is a very impressive piece of work there are sections on fossil snowflakes, historical snowflakes and photographing snowflakes and much much more. But most impressive is his dedication to snowflake photography and his photos.

Snowflakes by K.Libberecht

Ken has even written a section explaining on how to make your own snow at home. Great for those like us who are in the middle of summer yet feel the urge to make some snowballs or decorate the Christmas tree which the real stuff or maybe just plain photograph it.

OK I just need to find some dry ice..

Anyway if all that all sounds to difficult or you don’t have any snow close by Ken has published a beautiful book of his photographs The Snowflake. Winters secret beauty.

Hair Frost

Photographing snowflakes has quite a history starting with I believe Wilson Bentley in the 1900’s
who was a farmer and photomicrographer, who during his lifetime captured some 5000 snow crystal images. A pretty impressive feat in those days. More than 2000 have been published in his famous book, Snow Crystals, which is still in print today. Some of his images from Bentley’s collection can be seen at the W.A.Bentley web site.

Wilson Bentley at work

Interestingly the phrase “no two snowflakes are alike” was brought to us through the discovery made in the small rural town of Jericho, Vermont by Wilson Bentley and his camera.

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