Every Rangefinder users dream comes true……….

Here they are…….. ( well soon, they are due first week of April) the new Voigtlander Bessas R4’s and the matching pancake design 21mm & 25mm Colour Skopar M mount lenses. Very nice. Now we have both options of an Automatic or Mechanical body with the new wide angle (21,25,28,35,50 framelines) viewfinder.

The r4a in a classic matt black finish $995.

It’s Perfect just what I have always wanted in a rangefinder, a camera that allows me to use wide angle lenses without external finders!

Guess where the first box opened is going…….

The folks at Cosina have also released two new lenses to go with the bodies a rangefinder coupled 21mm and 25mm f4 in pancake design with the classic M mount. But no need to queue up like it’s a playstation 3 or xbox 360 just place your pre order now at mainlinephoto.

The r4m in a very nice gloss black paint $995.

As a side note I personally have been really impressed with both the build quality and performance of the whole Voigtlander range. I have now used all the current bodies and almost every lens. Happy to report that they all are excellent performers.

The new M mount 21mm & 25mm f4 lenses $495.

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