Your computer will love you for this……

I regularly run my windows disk defragment tool in order to keep things running sweet but after a bad experience with a DVD burning program’s bloatware taking over the machine ( and completely bogging it down even after the uninstall). I started researching performance tweaking utilities, I found and tried many, but this one stands out. The shot below is of my C drive after running the standard windows defrag tool.

Well that’s what I ended up with, now check out the result after installing Diskeeper 2007.

Big difference! I now have a total of only 83 fragments in over 120 GB of files! Even better is that it runs in the background transparently. It also monitors your drives health and gives you a full report on it at the click of the mouse. Trial it for 30 days here and see if it works for you. Diskeeper Corp.

One thought on “Your computer will love you for this……

  1. Thts really awesome! I have heard really good reviews about this utility and i am definitely going to try it out.

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