Voigtlander shots from Peru

We have been very busy at the office lately, it helps that the Voigtlander range is going from strength to strength. Cosina are very commited to the range and it looks like we will see more goodies from them soon!

The R4 cameras have are arrived and have become an instant winner they are selling really well. If you want one which by the way comes with our 2 year extended Australian and New Zealand warranty just click here to order.

I have been slowly going through and starting to scan some of my Voigtlander print film shots I have taken ( they are just low quality flatbed scans of the prints) and they remind me why I am so happy to use them especially when I have access to every other brand at the right price.

A simple ruin takes on a whole new perspective with the 21mm.

Street kids at night in Cusco, 40mm Nokton

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