We are a family business and proud of it!

As many of you are aware Mainlinephoto is a family business.   Started over 35 years ago by John my father.
I have been involved with the business off and on since I was old enough to vacuum the floor!

But now I am in charge he he he…. ( I still end up making the coffee though and vacuuming the floor). I have loved cameras and photography ever since dad gave me my first camera a kodak instamatic. When I got my first slides back, that was it I was hooked I have been a shutterbug since.

Having the luxury of having a dad in the camera business mean’t I always had a cool camera to play with. But my first real camera was a Leica M2 which I took everywhere and have thousands of Kodachrome slides from my years spent in South America (which I must start scanning soon).

Anyway where was I….  Oh, that’s right our family business. When the latest Petfood Industry magazine arrived and my wife saw the cover she turned around and said looking at me with a big smile…. that’s you and John in the future!

Well I sure hope so!

Petfood Father and son team Bob and Bill Kelly!

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