Movie Review……….. Ratatouille

I love the new generation of animated films from Pixar they are great entertainment. But their latest release Rataouille stands out from the crowd, apart from it’s great voice acting, animation and characters etc.. it is a film with both a funny yet moving story with a moral to tell.
It’s all about following your dreams and heart even in the face of adversity & having fun along the way.
The main character is Remy who dreams of being more than just your average rodent scavenging amongst the garbage for the rest of his life, he wants to be well……. a chef. Yep that’s right a chef…. You see Remy is blessed a gourmet set of taste buds, something that his fellow family members cannot quite comprehend.
Through a hilarious series of misadventures Remy winds up in the kitchen of ( yep you guessed it) France’s most revered restaurant where his culinary skills are put to the test and through a few trials and tribulations ( well maybe more than a few) we see Remy’s dream come true.

Apart from the great cooking and kitchen scenes the film is worth it alone for Peter O’toole’s performance as the food critic Anton Ergo….. his final review is a powerful discourse that well criticises the critics so to speak.
Enough said! go and see it…. just don’t plan to eat out afterwards, you will want to go straight home and cook up something delicious…… here is a great Ratatouille recipe to enjoy.
I’m giving this one Five Michelin stars*****
And don’t forget as Remy says anyone can cook!

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