It’s arrived my Little dot Mk III headphone amp…..

Living in an apartment block I have always missed listening to high fi audio at whatever volume suits my mood as such setting up a large audio system has always been out of the question. After a bit of research the solution I came up with was to go with a good set of headphones and a heaphone amp. Well after much deliberation I ordered the Little dot Mk III from Sword Yang a Chinese audio designer extraordinaire. I selected a tube amp as I was looking for something more musical after spending far too much time listening to flat MP3 files. Well this little baby certainly lives up to the reviews it gets.
Now for some serious tube burning in…… Update after 50-60 hours burn in this is one sweet amp for the money. Highly recommended.
If you are interested in more headphone based hi fi check out Head Fi. Looking for good headphones at the right price contact Marcus at

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