Fotoman Factory Tour with Paul Droluk

The Fotoman factory

A few of you might be interested in a wee tour of the Fotoman manufacturing facilities in China and a little bit of an insight to how the working conditions are and what the factory looks like! So over to Paul Droluk the president of the company who will answer the often asked question of how are the workers treated and what is the factory like?

We are quite happy to respond that the employees who manufacture Fotoman products lead an above average lifestyle (relative to China). They are paid above average wages, and work normal work hours in a clean and safe environment. Additionally, they are provided with dormitory, 3 meals a day, free education and health care. The actual manufacturing facility has won awards for both worker safety and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Assembly area

Fact of the matter is that skilled labor, for example a skilled machinist, is quite the hot commodity in today’s China. As such, their incomes are growing steadily, as are their opportunities to move elsewhere, if the “grass is greener”. This is placing more and more pressure on all Chinese manufacturers to improve working conditions, or risk losing valuable, and now harder to find employees. I can attest to the fact that this is becoming a very big problem in China right now, where there is a distinct lack of skilled labor. Heck, here in Shenzhen, even the wage for a restaurant waitress has almost doubled in the last five years!

CNC Machining area

The above being clearly stated, there is clearly still a lot of employee abuse in China, though it primarily occurs in industries that utilize unskilled labor… mining and textile manufacturing being two industries that have received a lot of international attention in the media, as they well should.

Assembly line area

Having now lived here full time for 5 years (my how time flies), I have been witness to a tremendous amount of change… more change than I had experienced in my previous 50 years of living in the USA. It is truly quite astonishing, and likely the most rapid development ever witnessed on our planet. While initially I was quite pessimistic by what I saw here… 5 years later, I have no doubt that in due course the lifestyle of the average Chinese will compare to that of citizens elsewhere in the “developed” world. Actually, we take pride in the knowledge that in some small way, the manner in which Fotoman conducts its business in China is an additive factor in this overall progression to “normalcy”.
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