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More New gear… Artisan and Artist Camera bags and cases

Artisan and Artist bags and accessories now available in Australia!

“No ordinary bags for your camera these are your invisible assistant in the field – Be like the ninja all black and unseen!”

Imported from a small company who’s artisans hand craft these bags in Tokyo, these discrete new camera bags are as fashionable for a stroll through Melbourne or while walking around the Inca ruins of Cusco.

Artisan and Artist has a philosophy of understatement and balance in the design of each case. No flashy labels, no English town and country look or other weird advertisements adorn the outside of these bags ā€” nothing to let the curious know that a camera lies inside.

Soft lambskin 1/2 cases available for all Leica Rangefinders even the current M8!

Humble and stylish at once, A&A bags are quick to use when needed and then fast to disappear afterwards when the decisive moments have passed.

Only the best materials are used from the lining of the bags, a soft-combed cotton, is gentle on cameras with painted finish or chrome trim. Outside a combination of supple leather, ballistic nylon and watertight canvas keep the contents of the bag dry and safe. All the materials are soft and pliable to allow the bag to mold to its owner’s body ā€” the best protection for a camera, which a rigid case cannot provide.

A privilege to own, natural to use, the best street and travel photography bags are now available in Australia. See the range at the Artisan and Artist page on our website.

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