They have arrived the New 35mm 1.4 Nokton lenses.

We have been busy the last few days packing and shipping everyones pre-orders for the 35mm Nokton. The response has been terrific. Thanks to all those who pre ordered!

I think your faith has been rewarded it looks to be a great little lens and one has already found it’s way into my new Evans Walker Artisan and Artist kit bag. I will be putting it through it’s paces this weekend. The lens might look like the 40mm Nokton but is definitely a step up in finish the focus is Leica smooth and the new hood design bayonets on like a knife cutting into butter. Cosina have really done a great job here.

Nice new box and all! Australian pricing is $595 for the Single coated or Multicoated. First results from Japanese users are very postive with takuhitosotomes photos and comments really showing what the 35mm Nokton can do on an M8 and he is using the Single coated version! As he says I love this lens! Watch out forPaul Burrows editor of Camera Magazine’s review on the lens coming soon. Not that you really need to wait after seeing the images that takuhitosotome has on his site. You can purchase it online here at Mainlinephoto.
Don’t forget we offer a 14 day return period on all Voigtlander products so you can buy with confidence.

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