New Voigtlander Goodies 28mm Ultron f2 M mount

Cosina seem to be on a roll here replacing the screw mount range of lenses with the more modern M mount. Re engineered completely these lenses are fast becoming the market leaders in price vs quality and value stakes.
The new 28mm Ultron f2 looks set to be such a lens.

Delivery is expected in the first few days of August and pre orders can be made here at Mainline photo. Price is $595 AUD and this includes the screw on metal lens hood.

As usual with all Voigtlander products we offer a 14 days return period (and 2 years warranty) so give it a try for 2 weeks and if your not satisfied we will refund your money….. it doesn’t get better than that!
For some first test results take a look at Tom Abrahamson’s photos here… Ultron 28mm f2

Specs are below, looks like a winner for all M camera users especially those with the R4 or M8.

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