28mm f2.0 Ultrons have arrived! What a nice piece of glass!

We went out of our way to get the first stock of this new lens… so now we have them whats it like? Well the folks at Voigtlander have pulled a rabbit out their hat. This is one sweet lens for only $595.
In our initial tests it is sharper than the 28mm 1.9 and 2.8 elmarit!
Construction is superb by far the best Cosina lens we have seen, plus the focus is smooth with a very short throw and is a pleasure to use on camera.
Enough talk how about some pics? Images below have been taken today at lunchtime with the Leica M8. More to follow…

Our local hangout- click images to enlarge f8@125

Click on an image for a larger version. f5.6 @ 125

100% crop of above image.

My desk & Rufus 28mm Ultron @f2.0

Sorry must get back to getting all the pre-orders shipped! More hands on results over the next days.

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