More on the 28mm Ultron f2 M lens P.Lynn Millers review

Photographer and bicycle wheel building master P.Lynn Miller has spent some time with his new toy the Voigtlander 28mm Ultron and has given permission to repost some of his images and comments here on the Mainline blog.

After spending a few days with the Ultron 28mm f2.0, I am even more impressed with this lens. Internal flare is extremely well controlled as you can see. The lens is scary sharp right into the corners and able to resolve incredibly fine detail. There is some light fall-off in the corners at 2.0 but is gone by f2.8 or so. I would venture to say that with very high resolving film like Efke KB25, Rollei Pan 25 or Adox CMS 20, you will need a drum scanner or the highest-quality enlarging optics to get all the detail onto a print. This lens is that good.

As for the hood, it does a splendid job of keeping the front element dry from rain and spray in a driving gale. I really do not wish for a large hood, as it would start to seriously obstruct the rangerfinder, although it would have little effect on the external finder.

I have never been an ‘early-adopter’, and never among the first to own a newly released lens. But something about the personality and ability of the Ultron 28mm f2.0 motivated me to do something so out of character that I am still in shock by my purchase of this lens. But there is no doubt that this lens has to be the best investment I have made in optics in years, right up there with my impulse purchase of a pair of Swarovski binoculars about 20 years ago.

If you are even considering this lens, just buy it.

My scanner cannot resolve the detail in these negatives. Under the loupe, I can count leaves on the trees in the marked squares. The more magnification you put to the negative, the more detail you can find.

I will be the last person to start a Voigtländer vs Leica debate. But I this I can tell you, that there is not a Nikkor in my rather large collection that can compete with this lens. I have to pull out the medium format to get the resolution that this lens is delivering with Efke 25. Cosina have set a benchmark that will be tough to follow with any new lens release in the future, but I am hoping for a 35/2 of this caliber is on the cards.

P.Lynn Miller

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