New Linhof Digital Outdoor field camera! The TECHNO..

Well Leica are not the only German company pulling a rabbit out of their hat this year at the 2008 Photokina. Linhof have as well with the all new digital ready TECHNO a modernised large format field camera ready to take any digital back!

The New Linhof TECHNO

With its all new use of carbon fibre and magnesium alloy the Techno draws on the highly successful M679 studio camera. With 40mm of vertical shift and wide angle lenses of 23mm the camera is highly to suited to the digital capture of Landscapes. The camera accepts std Technika lens boards and is compatible with many of the M679 accessories.
Movements are:
Front standard – Horizontal shift 10mm L & R, Vertical shift 20mm up and down
Rear standard – Vertical parallel shift 20mm up and down.
Swing and tilts – 10 degrees
Maximum extension 240mm, Minimum exension 20mm
Weight is 1900 grams.
Retail price: TBA ( we are taking pre orders now)

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