A wickedly good iced coffee recipe

My friend Mark likes to go to a local cafe for iced coffee, but he has to order it with a double shot of espresso to make it strong enough. Is it just me or is the coffee really wimpy in so many places? Anyway the other day he took me there and I thought hey I can make better than this at home! The coffee testers have approved this for posting here so you know it is good…


Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The iced coffee wiki:

Gather your ingredients:

Some nice ground coffee or beans ( to grind fresh if you have a grinder)


Ice cream- Vanilla works great  ( I found this great Weiss coffee ice cream which adds to the caffeine hit!!)



Ingredients and implements.

You need to make a really strong espresso mix I use a small moka pot packed with as much fine ground coffee will fit in the insert. You could use a bodum I guess or of course an espresso machine if you have one. The 4 cup moka pot gives 250ml of espresso perfect for 2 nice strong icey coffee’s. Whatever you use the coffee must be strong!

Pour the liquid into a jug or similar add sugar ( eg: if you take 2 spoons per cup than add that for every 125mm of espresso) while hot to taste. Place in fridge until really cold. I leave mine overnight. Get a nice tall glass add coffee and then milk and a scoop of your chosen ice cream. That’s it enjoy!

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