Terror in the hostal Frankenstein!

I have been walking past the entrance to the Hostal Frankenstein for around 15 years now. I always wondered who stayed there? I mean with a name like that? Oh yeah it is located in a back street in Cusco Peru. Anyway when we were looking for a place to change hotels to for Mum and Dad I thought can’t hurt to take a look… can it?


Ok, just what is this place like? Sorry not for Mum & Dad.

Well it certainly is an acquired taste I asked to see a room… and if you woke up with a hangover… the paint scheme would do Oscar Wilde and his battle with his wallpaper proud. Oh did I mention the huge fat iguana that wanders around the place? Actually truth be known it isn’t half bad for the price and certainly is central to the main plaza. No the owners name isn’t Herman it’s Ludwig and he is from what I can gather from Franken in Germany ahh… there is the connection! Beware though it has the world’s most dangerous showers those evil electric shower heads that I just cannot get to work! Gotta love it cold Andean mountain water! Backpacker? then go for it!

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