Using filters on your Canon G7,G9 or G10

I wanted to travel to Peru this time with a small digi cam rather than worry about all my film and it’s associated gear getting zapped in countless xray machines or getting stolen as we travel and stay in some pretty dodgy places. I must admit it certainly was a lot less stressful. Ok now… I hear you say but Scott “it’s digital and it’s good” well yes it really was good and I enjoyed using the little Canon G9 and am more than happy with the results.


My G9 with filter and adapter.

I selected the G9 as it felt more like my rangefinder than others I had tried. I shoot on full manual and use two filters. Using filters on the G series camera is pretty easy and definitely leads to better results in many situations. I bought the Canon filter adapter and took a 58mm B+W UV MRC and a Kasemann Circular Polariser MRC. I left the adapter on almost all of the time for outdoor shooting with the UV Even though it obscures the viewfinder and adds to the bulk, it really steadies the camera in your hands and adds protection to the whole lens unit. The UV filter protects and cuts haze in the outdoors and the polariser is useful for making skies nice and blue again or for cutting reflections on water. Thanks to the kind folks at Foto Riesel Sydney for suppling my G9.

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