How to use your PS3 for viewing photos and creating slide shows

I was always jealous of my friend Mark as being a muso he has a mac and it has a pretty cool photo show program with the Ken Burns effect ( zooms randomly on your images making it look more like a video). Ha now I have it too! On my PS3… If you have a Playstation 3 then you also have a great platform for storing, viewing and creating fantastic slide shows. With out any need for for a computer and fancy software or complicated programs to learn. Actually as an aside I bought a PS3 for gaming and couldn’t be happier with it but it also does some other things that are pretty cool. It connects to the net wirelessly, plays Blu ray discs and works as a media device so you can store music, videos and photos on it. Plus it has this great photo gallery feature where you can sit back in the sofa and sort your images into playlists (just like itunes) and add music etc…

Sony have a great series of how to videos here

Plus did I mention that it plays games in near or at HD 1080p quality! They are amazing on a big screen TV they really do look great. Wait… it gets better you can play online over the network with others for free! Right then back to the point… the PS3 is a great resource for the photographer who wants to create store and present their images on a large flat screen TV. Photos even from low megapixel cameras look great and with a bit of editing and background music your family and friends will be impressed at your tech prowess and photographic skills.

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