Do I need a slim filter for my wide angle DSLR lens?

We get asked this question everyday. Generally if your lens is 20mm or wider on a full size chip DSLR then yes a slim filter will be needed to avoid vignetting. On 1.25-1.3 crop factor cameras a slim filter is usually not needed until we get to around the 10-12mm mark. But this can vary due to lens design. Standard filters are preferred over slim not because they are optically better but because they have front threads which allow you to use a normal clip on cap.

Of course there is always a spanner in the works! You might get away with a standard UV filter but might need a slim polariser filter as it’s rotating mount is thicker. If in doubt contact us before you purchase or check with the manufacturer of the lens. We stock and recommend the German made Schneider B+W filter range as they are the finest grade optical filters you can buy. Do not put a cheap filter on your lens and expect outstanding results. Browse the range of B+W Filters here


Slim sleek and sexy.

B+W have just launched a new range of slimline filters the XS PRO that do have a front thread. Currently only available in the 007 ultra high transmission clear glass. These filters are aimed at the digital photographer who wants no effect on his white balance or for that matter his images from his filter. They are designed to be the ultimate protection for the your high quality optics. Limited sizes are available now here.

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