Dude where have all the labs gone?

Chatting with a customer the other day we realised there were only two labs left in Sydney (a city of 4 million) doing E6 processing! This is a little scary when you can see the demand is there, folks are still buying and using film. They want to shoot with film. So this post is to bring about some support for the labs that are still processing film!

No film here.

Support your local labs. So they dont… go the way of the dodo

What happened? Well as the earth cooled the mammals started to take over sorry wrong story. Ok as digital started to become more dominant in the marketplace small labs and other photo specialists were told by so called industry leaders and photo marketing associations they were doomed if they stayed doing film stuff, so many just pretty well closed up shop then and there. Those who were left went digital as it was so much easier. Sad really I always had some hope that film would be supported more by the trade as so much capital investment is still tied up in cameras and lenses. Sure film will never really disappear it will just become a smaller and smaller niche market like vinyl records are. Film is a different and just as valid medium for photography as digital capture is. We would just like to have the choice to use either.


Yep… our friend film will become like Vinyl records.

We will do our bit here by listing all the labs that our customers recommend to us on a film resource page. Lets help keep film in the picture! Support your labs!

One thought on “Dude where have all the labs gone?

  1. Try living in Canberra where there is no E6 process.
    I had a guy at the local camera house who tried to charge me $40.00 to run an index and a single set of prints off a roll of processed black and white film.
    Now all slide in this town is either processed at home or goes to Adelaide, this takes over a week.

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