Photography,Travel and Swiss Cheese. That sounds good!

I guess cheese for our family is like choc chip cookies for others. Growing up there was always the ever present cheese in the fridge and lots of it. I think it has something to do with Dad being dutch. Recently a friend house sat at Mum and Dads and said he couldn’t believe how much cheese they had left him to eat his way through. He gained a kilo in two days!

I was browsing one of my favorite food blogs written by Francois Xavier (who is a man after my own heart) and I came across his article on artisan cheese making in the Swiss alps. It has some great photography and gives us an insight into a 300 year old tradition.

Take a look… Blessed are the cheese makers!


Great photos Francois. See his photo tips here.

What’s funny is that I also have a fridge full of cheese! darn must be genetic I just went to the fridge and checked no less than 5 different cheeses in various states of ripeness. Well better get the crackers out… what grommit we are out of crackers, quick to the shops! My favorite cheese is Double gloucester Brie Smoked Cheddar no maybe Red Leicester oh… I can’t make up my mind anything from King Island there that covers a few bases.


I’m sure Dad would feel right at home here. I would.

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