Turn any room into a Camera Obscura.

I noticed that my blog was getting a lot of searches for building a Camera Obscura. Well I did a troll of the net and thought that this video is a good start. I will add more posts on Camera Obscuras over time.

All you need is a room with a view, a sheet or white wall opposite the window, black plastic, duck tape and a piece of cardboard and a knife… yep that’s it. So as they say go for it…

Go girls go!

One thought on “Turn any room into a Camera Obscura.

  1. I enjoyed the video clip on Camera Obscure. I was wondering if a particular Camera Obscure exists or was just fiction. In the movie Addicted to Love with Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick they used a Camera Obscure to spy on there Ex’s. I was wondering if such a Camera exists or plans for one can be found. Not that I’m looking to spy, I just have a great view of Mt Rainier and would like to explore ways to bring it inside my house. with out using CCD camera’s, which flicker with the update rate.

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