Fotoman Cameras ceases production.


The flagship of the range the 617. Our best seller.

Sad news but true. Paul Droluk and partners have decided to shut down production of all Fotoman products effective immediately.

A press release issued to all dealers explains that financially it is no longer viable to manufacture small volumes of Fotoman cameras in China.

The company will continue to operate until current inventory has been exhausted. Warranty service and backup will be available for at least 5 years.

Kudos must be given to Paul and his team for producing a range of film based cameras in this day and age. Fotoman has made it’s mark in the history of film cameras.

Mainlinephoto as the largest reseller of Fotoman 617 cameras worldwide has been able to secure some of the last stocks of these so if you are interested in getting into 617 photography at the right price act now. We will continue to support all 617 photographers as we have in the past with accessories such as filters, servicing, gallery exposure and helpful advice.

3 thoughts on “Fotoman Cameras ceases production.

  1. What a shame. I am glad that I purchased mine when I did.
    While I have not used it on a regular basics up till now,it was used over the last weekend.
    And will continue to be used along with my other film cameras

    Lew Dickie
    (New Plymouth, New Zealand)

  2. Such a shame that a camera that digital still cannot touch goes under. I’m very happy with my 617 and have plans for it for years to come.

    Do you know what the situation is with lens cones for the years to come? or is it best just to bite the bullet now?

  3. When Paul made the annoucement he thought they would have stock of cones for at least a year. But in an email a few days ago they said due to the sudden high demand stock would be exhausted in a few months… So yes get in now.

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