New Voigtlander 15mm 4.5 M mount lens. First take. Very nice!

Cosina certainly are not the type of company to sit back and watch the world pass them by. Every new product they bring out is a winner and here is another one.


We have just received our first delivery of the new 15mm M mount lens. Which while the same optically ( razor sharp and with great contrast) It has some improvements that really make a quite a difference.


First it’s now a dedicated M mount so no need for an adapter. Second is that it takes 52mm filters, great news as the older model was a real pain to jury rig a 486 UV/IR cut filter for Leica M8 users or for any type of filter for that matter! Lastly it is rangefinder coupled which means more accurate focusing and no more shooting only to discover you were on half a metre instead of infinity.


With it’s new improved ergonomics the lens is a joy to use on camera. The new large aperture dial is right where it should be with positive clicks and great for those with larger fingers. The new hood design hardly infringes in the viewfinder. Focus is smooth and solid via the focus lever. Brings up the 28/90 framelines on M cameras. Uses a clip on 52mm cap. All in all a worthy update to an old favorite in the Voigtlander line up.

Supplied without finder $895 AUD available now.

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