Blanco Negro specialist black and white printing and processing.

The folks at Blanco Negro lab in Sydney are one of the few labs left practicing the art of black and white darkroom work. None of this lightroom stuff they are the real Mc Coy getting down with trays full of chemicals, negatives and enlargers in the dark! Chris Reid is the owner and operator of Blanco Negro and allowed his lovely assistant Andrea to enter the inner sanctum to snap some shots of him at work. With the lights on of course!


This is what real black and white looks like…

Chris and his team not only offer the finest Black and white D & P but also offer darkroom rental and even run courses on how to process your own film and how to print it. He is kind of like a Professor Dumbledore… a master of his art. I mean these guys are so into the old skool silver halide stuff they probably don’t even know what photoshop is.


And we have some very nice tonality here.

Blanco Negro not only offer services for Black and White photographers but they also sell the range of Foma film and paper. Need some 4×5 or 8×10 or maybe just some 35mm then contact them as they have it all in stock paper, film and chemicals! Way to go guys.

One thought on “Blanco Negro specialist black and white printing and processing.

  1. Hi Chris,
    Gary here, what do you mean, ‘I love the cold’. I remember on my advice you had to put your socks on your hands in the Castlreagh Hills!
    Get in touch at the above email address, that’s Margaret my fiancee, and since we have the laptop at home I can get in touch anytime. Give me ashout and we’ll catch up soon. Would love to hear from you.

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