The Traveling Bessa III Australia project. Get to use one for 14 days!

Here at Mainlinephoto we know that many of our customers would love to own a Bessa III, but just cannot afford one. The price just blew out due to circumstances beyond our control.

So in order to give everyone a fair chance to at least use one and have some fun. We have instigated the Traveling Bessa III project where you can for a token amount rent our Traveling Bessa III for 14 days.


The Traveling Bessa III. Set to tour Australia!

Now ok… I hear you say… but Scott what is the cost?

The cost is $95.00 for 14 days use of the Bessa III this includes 2 rolls of 120 Foma B & W film. Of course a deposit is required and if you are not able to return the camera to us then you must pay for the registered and insured post onto the next person in the list.

That’s it! It’s called the Travelling Bessa III.

To register your interest and get the details contact me . This project will run for 12 months and we will post continuous updates on the cameras adventures as it travels around the country. At the end of the 12 months the actual project camera will be offered to those who participated on a private tender basis. Sorry only open to Australian residents and participants are subject to approval. There are approx 20-24 spots so be quick. First cameras are due in late May/ early June.

Horsham colour Pro lab is now on board as an official partner and will be offering free scanning of participants film which we will be able to create a web gallery of the Travelling Bessa III images and a limited edition photo book of the best images.


All places have been filled and the camera has now begun it’s tour of duty.

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