Tim Isaac goes design crazy! His new soft releases are the best yet!

Are strange things going on in Tim’s mind? Has he been imbiding in Absinthe? Watching too much Roadrunner on cable? Who knows but we couldn’t wait to see and try his latest soft release range. I mean with names like beep, bop and bip… who wouldn’t. Well folks here is my review after using all three of the range. Hands down they are the best soft releases on the planet.

It is such simple little photo accessory. Many have tried but… It took Tim to perfect it and he has managed to take it to the next level in terms of both performance and comfort. These soft releases are really quite unbelievable! Solid brass with a special gloss baked on enamel finish that feels great and a fit that just seems well… right! Plus to boot they look good, not quite as garish as they do in the photos below. With these beauty and form comes with function.


The Boop! Best for those that use a finger tip.

The little bip has to be a winner on any M camera especially the film ones it just changes how the shutter fires or at least seems too. Turns the camera into an extension of the user. I have used all the other soft releases over the years and I have to give these ones my stamp of approval. Try one for 30 days and if you don’t like it we will give you a full refund.


The Beep! Great for big fingers!

Tim tells us how to get the most out of your soft release:

1. Control your breathing – take a breath, let it out, inhale normally, exhale a little until comfortable, then hold your breath.
2. Place your finger across the top of Beep or Bip so that the soft release is between your first and second joints – the exact position depends on the length of your finger and comfort.
3. Apply pressure to depress the shutter button partway (on the Leica M7 and M8, this is the point at which the exposure is locked in AE mode).
4. Continue squeezing gently until the shutter fires.
Thanks for that Tim, you weren’t in the army by chance?
My fave… the Bip!!! Non intrusive and stays put

My personal favourite is the cute little Bip (above) it just seems to hit the sweet spot. If I could just figure out how to fit one to my Playstation controller for sniper mode in shooter games, I’d be set. Sony you know who to call.
No… Tim Isaac isn’t nuts he is just doing his job designing great little objects to make taking photos easier.

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