Polaroid instant film makes a comeback on the POLAPREMIUM site!

As the oft and overused quote goes “the stories of my death are exaggerated” The quote certainly applies to Polaroid film which  is now being sold by Polarpremium both new and old stock is available. Actually it seems that very few people seem to know that we are still able to buy it. Well yep it is and these guys have some big plans are in store for the future!


I’m not dead yet…. another cool Polaroid shot!

You can buy Polaroid Instant film from the companies website direct or from a range of dealers which I guess will expand over time. This is great news for those that love the funky film for that added creativity it brings to photography or even just for testing exposure. Anyway it doesn’t matter what you use it for it’s still available and all you need to do is buy some dig out that old back or land camera and start snapping.

P 80

The website Polapremium also sells a range of new and old Polaroid cameras!

Now that’s a pretty army looking olive green pinhole camera. I have never seen one. I must admit when I first saw the SX-70 I thought wow what technology is packed into that beast… How times and perspectives change.

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