New Canon Rangefinder book… a must have.

Canon collector and writer Peter Kitchingman has published the first of three volumes on the Canon Rangefinder system. This first 215 page volume focuses solely on the M39 lenses made by Canon over the years 1933 to 1971. A customer has loaned me his copy and it is an outstanding piece of work! As a collector of books, I can tell you this this is a very… very nice book. Right from the cover image through to the back cover Peter has got the design and layout spot on.

IMG_0023 (3)

Tables and companion information is clearly presented, easy to reference and are accompanied by beautiful black and white images of both lenses and accessories.

Canon Rangefinder book

The fine art like images make you want to start collecting Canon M39 lenses!

Each lens has it’s own section/chapter which includes a full description and all known variations. Peter even pays homage to the original designer of each lens listing their name … how cool is that! Overall this is one superb package that covers everything a collector or would be buyer of Canon Rangefinder lenses would ever need to know. This book will be a smart addition that you will be proud to have on the coffee table.

Printed in Australia on high quality paper and solidly bound, individually numbered and signed. This is a book I suspect will get snapped up very quickly! If you are thinking about it don’t hesitate just order one now as it is a limited edition of only 1000. Two more volumes are in the pipeline which will cover both cameras and accessories.

I give it five out five! Peter I Look forward to seeing the next volume.

3 thoughts on “New Canon Rangefinder book… a must have.

  1. JUst got mine – great read and a superb publication for an Aussie made book.
    Peter’s site is down at the moment but keep trying, it is well worth getting.

  2. A superb book, period. From content through technical production, this book is as well done as possible, at the time it was written. A wealth of valuable information, all drawn together, with beautiful illustrations, covering one of the finest group of lenses produced for the rangefinder M39 cameras. I bought one of the first books produced, and have gone back to it many times for additional data, and to just browse. If you have any interest in the lenses, or in fine technical photography books, this is a capital investment.

  3. Dear Scott, that book makes me nostalgic! When I freelanced in London, I used a Canon VI T from memory with a swag of those lenses – from a 25/3.5 to 85/1.5 most of which I still own. Some were stolen after an assignment I was given to photograph members of another country’s Intelligence service then working in London. Different to Leica lenses in many ways but capable of wonderful quality, nonetheless. Have a look at the picture on the Manly Art Gallery advt. which was made with the 25/3.5.

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