Finding good camera insurance… helpful tips.

Here in Australia it seems insurance companies have forgotten about us non pro photographers who require good economical camera insurance. It is not easy to find or organise so alot of people just give up. While most big companies will allow you to add an item such as a camera to your home policy often it is expensive and subject to limited coverage. If you travel then travel insurance is an even more tricky minefield to navigate with most policies only insuring each item for a nominal sum or worse requiring all kinds of paperwork in the event of a claim.

Bag snatcher

Insure your gear it’s worth the expense and hassle in this day and age.

So then what is one do if their shoulder bag contains $10,000 worth of Leica gear. Well the best thing you can do is take some time to insure it as this gives you peace of mind and you will use your gear more regularly and without worrying about something happening to it.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Do check with your home and contents agents and see what deal they can do for you… only takes a phone call.

Going away? if you are taking out travel insurance… then read the fine print! If you are getting the free travel insurance from a credit card provider make sure you ring them up and get a policy number and the full policy details. Do not assume just because you paid for the trip with the card you are covered.

Lastly try a specialist in equipment insurance we have had nothing but good reviews from customers using Protecsure an Australian based company underwritten by Chubb international. To give you an idea $10,000 worth of kit will cost around $370 a year to insure depending on the term and excess. They give free and easy online quotes here at

Another customer has recommended

If you know of any others let us know post a comment!

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