Ricky Maynard Exhibition. Portrait of a Distant Land.

Tasmanian Aboriginal documentary photographer Ricky Maynard (and Mainline Customer) has been in the news of late with his travelling exhibition “Portrait of a Distant land” arriving in Sydney. Ricky’s photography tells his people’s story from their perspective… not the usual white academics. Ricky is a highly accomplished photographer, who still uses and believes in large format film photography. Rick can be seen in the video using his trusty 8×10 Ebony field camera.

The ABC featured a documentary on him in it’s indigenous program Message stick. Click on the video below to go to the ABC website and watch it.

Rick Maynard

Currently the exhibition is on at the Museum of Contemporary arts in the Rocks Sydney until August the 23rd for more details click here Portrait of a Distant land.

The Mission

“The Mission” Ricky Maynard collection

Seeing Ricky at work and seeing the images he produces makes you realise what goes into producing such quality photography. Combine 8×10, silver gelatin and a photographer  who is passionate about their subject, and you get great work. Watch the video and see what photography is all about! Go Ricky!

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