They have arrived! The most sought after Voigtlander M lens ever! The Nokton 50mm 1.1

Well we finally have received our first delivery of the Nokton 50mm 1.1 lenses! This has been ( going by the number of pre-orders) the most sought after Cosina-Voigtlander made product ever. So we are going to be busy packing and shipping for the next day or so. But for your viewing pleasure here are some images of it.

Nokton 50mm 1 (2)

Never has so much M glass been such value!

Out of the box the Nokton snicks onto the M8 bayonet, just like a Leica lens nice and smoothly. The lens itself is quite bulky but not over what we expected and certainly not heavy to handle.

With the hood on it infringes into the finder around 15%. The dead smooth barrel focusing is as per usual a pleasure to use. The monster aperture dial is easy to access and turns with very positive 1/2 stop clicks.

IMG_0032 (2)

Without the hood it only infringes on the Viewfinder around 10%.

IMG_0030 (4)

Easily mistaken for something that Leica have made it’s that good!!

Oh Cosina you  have done it again! This lens could be re badged with a well know German brand!

Review coming soon:  Photo Technocrat Mr P. Lynn Miller will be giving his take on this lens over the next few days so check back soon.

Plus I will be out and about this weekend and post some images using the Nokton 1.1 on the M8.  Or you can just go ahead and buy one as we offer 14 days return! Order here at Mainlinephoto or at one of our resellers

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