More Nokton 50mm 1.1 images

Here are some more images from around Crows Nest I took on the way home with the Nokton on the M8 (now with an IR filter) and stopped down a couple of stops. Enjoy them… as I sure am loving this lens!

RedChairs (2)

This new cafe just opened with nice red chairs.. well they caught my attention.


The La Perouse museum balcony

theo noctilux

Just for comparison this is Theodore taken with the Noctilux at wide open!

Xenoscafe (2)

Oldie but a goodie the famous Xenos cafe Crows Nest.

RING (2)

The ring!!!

P Lynn Millers bike

Now who owns this bike? Tip the hat is his helmet!

and he hangs out on the rangefinder forum

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