The Travelling Bessa III is on it’s way!

Our Travelling Bessa III has arrived and is now with it’s first participant.

Travelling Bessa III

A happy Phil Ramsden picks up the camera!  While Rufus continues snoring…

Our first delivery has sold out!  in fact we did not even get the quantity we ordered. Cosina are short of production  time and only produced 100 in this run.  No doubt more will follow down the track. Anyway we ripped open the outer shipping boxes and went straight for the camera… well it  is beautiful and smaller than expected with a crystal clear viewfinder that leaves the Maymia 7 II we have to for dead!

Bessa III

Straight out of the box.

We are very impressed to say the least. We have kept one as a demo unit in our showroom and # 250 is now the offiical Travelling Bessa.

Bessa III B

Which begs the question if the numbers are already in the 200 plus what happened to the other 100! Must have been for staff purchases it seems?


Give me a Bessa and some chocolates….

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