Shopping for a new monitor on a budget? Forget the Nec and Ezio or Apple!

I was looking for a new monitor for home and I did a lot of research into the topic before buying. I wanted a monitor that would be good for gaming ( ok I’m a WOW addict) and for photographic work… and midsized, without breaking the bank. Sure companies like NEC and EIZO produce the best monitors for imaging work but they cost a bomb. Anyway to cut a really long story short I came across several very good reviews for the Dell 2208WA… which kind of hinted that good old Dell had hit the big time and produced a high quality screen at a reasonable price. After reading these reviews  I hopped over to their website and it just happened to be on offer! So having just built my new gaming computer, I sprung for it. This little gem is hidden in the Business section on Dell’s website.

Well I can tell you that we have not being disappointed with our purchase at all. No need for a personal review of the Dell 2209WA as the experts have pretty well covered it all here.

dell 2209wa

For the money this is one hell of a monitor especially if you don’t want or do not have the space for a bigger one. My friend Mark has a 28 inch Samsung monitor which he has finally admitted is just too big and too bright to sit and work at for hours on end! If you are a gamer or photographer then I wholeheartedly recommend this screen. Right out of the box it preforms. If you wish you can spend a bit of time calibrating it which I did and it is sharp and renders colours perfectly. All in all fo$369 it was a steal.


Our Home work station


World of Warcraft displays beautifully.

If you are in the market for a mid size widescreen monitor then…Just go buy one!

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