Ferret fun day this weekend… and we love those!

My best buddy Fuzzy has passed away all too soon… she was more human than ferret, but was never the same after she lost her pal Winnie to cancer. We are now left with Theodore and the Bebon ( spanish for big baby). So as always we will be going to the Ferret fun day this weekend. Not that Theodore is allowed to attend he fights with everyone! I cannot believe that he is nearly 10 years old Blind, has prostrate problems, a dicky heart and his back legs are going yet he still wants to battle on when he smells another Ferret! Now who said Ferrets are fun?

happy theo

Then again maybe Theo is a little spoilt !!!!

happy bebon

Then again maybe they all are !!!! Bebon sleeping.

Well this weekend we will just take the Bebon…. Theodore can have the house to himself. Ferret fun days are run by the NSWFS in Sydney every second month.

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