Leica M9 rumors… we have it on very good authority that…

It seems that the M9 is due to become a reality sooner than we think! As an interesting thing happened today… we had a visit from the manager of one of Australia’s biggest Leica dealers who stated the following! ( disclaimer we are not a Leica reseller):

That Leica distributors worldwide are accepting orders for the M9!

He claimed that the camera was due to be released this December.

Plus adding fuel to the fire is the latest version of Capture One Pro 4.82 contains a generic profile for the Leica M9!

But wait there is more… a leading French photographic magazine has stated that the M9 is coming as soon as September!

Leica M9 concept

Possible concept M9 from a fan on Leica Rumors

All I can say is that this person has not been wrong before… and I would not be posting this here if I did not trust Mr ——-‘s information.

5 thoughts on “Leica M9 rumors… we have it on very good authority that…

  1. These concept mock ups were just created by a fan. Any relationship with any with any possible future product by Leica Camera AG purely coincidental. Mock ups first published on L Camera Forum.
    The S2 system is now being listed as available from October. Seems rather unlikely (my opinion) that Leica would benefit from announcing the M9 concurrent with that very important milestone for Leica Camera (despite some creative numerology based rumours regarding September 9 09).
    I did personally hear Stefan Daniel say in June, that ‘after the M8 comes the M9. We are a step closer although the M lenses present difficulties for ‘full frame’. Not yet able to announce a release date.

    • Yes your right Geoff… but this fellow was adamant that the M9 was coming sooner than we think. I asked well what is the Leica product code he he… No response on that one. Let us just hope that when it does come it hits the spot like the M6 did so many years ago.

  2. The quote “the M lenses present difficulties for ‘full frame’” cannot be factual. M lenses are all designed for film, which is obviously full frame. I use all my lenses on both my M6 and M8 – the only difference is the 1.33 crop factor on the M8.

    • Terry, the quote “the M lenses present difficulties for ‘full frame’” must be understood in context. M lenses are indeed made for full frame, it is full frame digital that presents the problem. M lenses are closer to the digital sensor than SLR lenses therefore light hits the edges and corners of the sensor at a shallow angle. This is not a problem for film but for digital sensors it means less light is detected by the sensor. This is less of a problem for SLRs since the lenses are further away and the light hits the sensor at a better angle; SLRs have overcome this problem and no doubt with time Leica will also find a workable solution. I certainly hope the M9 is full frame but I suspect a cropped sensor is more likely. Perhaps they’ll offer a compromise solution with 1.1 crop factor (pure speculation on my part). We’ll all know soon enough!

      • Terry, Dave’s explanation on context is correct of course. By “full frame” Stefan meant 24×36 sensor. Much to my astonishment I must now say an announcement does seem likely in September.
        Adeal insists that no Australian dealer has any official knowledge (as of last week) and any information must have come from rumour sites. One Perth and one Melbourne dealer have been reported to be ‘leaking so far. Some USA dealers have announced special events (unknown product releases) and some European dealers too. Not so in Australia thus far.
        I’ve spoken personally to Meister in Berlin (official Leica store) in June and three Aussie dealers since. No-one is saying anything of course. There certainly weren’t piles of boxes marked M9 in the hallways at Solms in June 😉
        The S2 has basically taken 12 months plus from surprise announcement to (approaching) actual stock. Prices at least are now set.

        My guess it that we will see a 24×36 sensor M9 announcement, presumably with the Maestro processor. I have no idea on actual availability.

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