Still Moments… an exhibition of fine art landscape photographs by Warren Hinder.

Warren Hinder is a published and collected photographer who lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. He is also a Mainline Customer and film user. Starting on the 8th of August through to the 30th of August he has a gallery showing of his best works at the Nolan on Lovel gallery in Katoomba his home town. Warren’s work focuses on the quiet side of nature his work is both technically excellent and beautiful at the same time. It is this type of photography at it’s best… it makes you stop look and relax. If you are looking for an excuse to get to the mountains this winter now you have it… plus do not forget to take the drive further west to Mt Victoria and have a browse in the best boy’s shop since camera store’s were invented at Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

Warren Hinder 1

“Cow Bay” copyright Warren Hinder

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