Image overload? Have we become victims of information overload…

When was the last time you really took a good look at the files on the computer? How many files named DSC98760.jpeg do you have? How many passwords and user names do you need to remember? Is your desktop cluttered with files and icons? The list goes on… The Digital age allows us to do thing’s we never could have imagined a few years ago.


We are suffering from an information overload… so rather than saving all this stuff on ever bigger hard drives, should we be getting back to basics and using that delete button more often? The answer is a very big yes!

Photography is fast becoming a big part of the information overload… maybe it’s time for some image discardia. I know I need to do it.

Image chaos

Are your folders like this full of unnamed and unsorted images? If so time to start organising.

More and more folks are taking zillions of images and our hard drives are filling up.  So then time to change and get a plan to keep the best of your photography on the computer and discard the rest.  Plus a promise to print the images you really like and put them on display. Maybe us camera clickers need to click the shutter less often and click the delete button more often. As Ansel Adams used to put it “concentrate more on the seeing” that is what photography is all about.

2 thoughts on “Image overload? Have we become victims of information overload…

  1. As someone with 15,000 unsorted images on my hard drive, I tend to agree, although I sometimes look through them a year or more later and dig out photos which I might have deleted but now like for some reason.

    Perhaps the deletion could be preceded by a ‘burn to DVD’, which is stored away in a box somewhere.

    And, to not take so many photos in the future…. I find film is very good at helping with that.

  2. I suffer from some sort of depression and all i can tell is that the more the internet grows the more my symptoms worsen. i don’t know, maybe one day the web will not be a safe place to stay anymore.
    it can kill, definitely it can kill especially the weak, the depressed, the mentally exhausted so in this regard internet doesn’t make things simpler for some people. and to think that many young people suffer from depression.
    it looks more like an artificial filter to dispose of the weak ones[people]
    The fact that it doesn’t facilitate things for some people indicates that internet is not a promising future.
    Because it was once hailed by businessmen that internet would be the ideal solution for everyone, the blind, the deaf, people with disabilities and others. I see no such thing, value, or property in internet.
    The case with the internet resembles the case of the food neither with too little salt nor with too much salt, as either case could be harmful.
    I am an ordinary computer user and i just want clarity, simplicity in the delivering of information.

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